Space as a catalyst for imagination

Refurbishment project of SRA’s office

Art-hotel - Shanghai

SRA Lab is a creative unit driven by a dynamic, flexible and reactive team.

Service space of an office building

Project for a wooden campus

Through the prism of space, we explore the new ways of living. At varying levels and across a range of different types of projects, we take a comtemporary and aesthetic view over the projects that we work on.

Proposition for the reappropriation of the Multihalle by Frei Otto at Manheim (competition, 2018)

We choose materials with a reduced carbon footprint.

One of the Lab’s main subjects of study is the work environment. Workspaces are being deeply changed, and offer an exciting object of experimentation. In these spaces, we particularly pay attention to flexibility, quality of life and relationship to nature.

The physical nature of spaces (shapes, textures and colours) are able to arouse emotions. This is the foundation of our work as architects, driving our reflections, inspiring our designs.

Modular design for a wooden campus (2018)

People are key in determining the architectural features applied and bring their own contributions to their future living space. With new, unexpected and spontaneous practices, we seek to ensure the closest possible link between individuals and their environment.

Model of a landscape layout

Architectural fragments for the reorganization of a shopping center

Study of samples for an office layout project

This creates an aesthetic realm that is fully attuned to emerging trends…

Innovative building projects in the service sector

…and projects that relate architecture to their users by the poetics of space.